• The Choice Of Best Mobile App Development Technology Simplified

    The Choice Of Best Mobile App Development Technology Simplified

    Mobile apps have gained extensive popularity in the recent decade as no business can achieve the desired success unless it has a worthy presence on this platform. The business owners have to ideate an app according to the nature of the business, the product or service being offered, and the kind of customers they are going to target. Accordingly, they have to choose a mobile app development technology that would match all their requirements and expectations. There are specific technologies that are meant for specific app platforms and the choice also depends on the type of app you opt for (native, hybrid, or web applications). Let us help you understand these app technologies platform-wise so that you can choose the right one.

    Native Mobile Apps
    Native apps are built with the help of the official language of the respective platforms. Java and Kotlin are used for Android app development. While Java is an old runner, Kotlin is a new technology that was introduced by Google in 2017. Objective-C and Swift are the languages used for iOS app development. Swift, like Kotlin, is the newer language used for iPhone apps. Both the platforms are completely different and the languages used for creating native apps in them are different too. Therefore, you need to avail the services of developers who specialize in each of these technologies to get the respective apps. Xamarin technology is an option that addresses this language barrier for native developers because it enables them to use the same language (C#) to build applications for Android, iOS, and even Windows platforms. A Xamarin app is as good as native apps in terms of performance.

    Hybrid Web Apps
    Hybrid apps follow the concept of “Write once, run anywhere” and eliminate the need for building separate applications for each of the platforms. These are actually web pages which are embedded into a shell mobile application. Cordova and Ionic are the best technologies that can be chosen for building hybrid web apps. These apps are easier to write and also serve as a cheaper alternative to native ones written in Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift or C#. The main challenge with hybrid web apps relates to their performance as they can be slow, particularly on iOS devices.

    Hybrid Native Apps
    Hybrid native apps are an improvement over their web counterparts as they resolve the performance issues to a significant extent. They make use of the native code rather than a web page for the interface. React Native, Weex, and Titanium are the most widely used technologies for developing these applications. These technologies are developer-friendly as well as render excellent app experiences.

    Progressive Web Apps
    Progressive web apps refer to mobile websites which can be installed on the phone and used as an app. The best part is that the user need not install them from the Play Store, yet they are capable of delivering everything that a normal app does. React JS, AngularJS, and Polymer are amongst the widely recommended technologies for Progressive web app development. Currently, PWAs can be installed only on Android devices, which means that these are not viable for targeting the iOS user base.

    The choice of app development technology is totally dependent on the kind of app you need for your business. Though you can check out the various options, it is better to hire expert mobile app developers to give you the right advice. They can comprehend your needs as well as assess your business to come up with an option that works the best for you.

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