• Avail the latest Mobile App UI UX Design Services to beat competition

    Avail the latest Mobile App UI / UX Design Services to beat competition

    Mobile app design trends can never be the same. Just like technology changes, trends change, and customer preferences change. In the same manner, UI / UX Design Services appear to go under complete transformation as per the latest patterns.

    Since there are a total of 2.87 million apps in the world, so keeping pace with the latest application design is more of a challenge.

    Still, no need to worry, as we have come up with the latest and result-oriented UI/UX design trends to watch in 2021. Each of the trends is effective on its own to make a difference in your application and captures the attention of users. So, follow the same and then hire mobile app developer to fully implement profitable design changes to your app.

    List of 10 Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2021

    1. Neumorphism

    The other name of new skeuomorphism is one of the hottest mobile UI/UX trends to watch out for in 2021. It takes the simplistic idea of designing buttons and icons of the app with the late 2010s design reference. However, interactive real-life elements are added to the button that appears like jumping out of the screen to bring an attractive experience. More appropriate to say that it appears like a 3D design trend in a revamped manner to feel every touch on the icon of your mobile application.

    2. Interactive Swipping

    Who does not like swiping on the app? Well, most of the users do. In fact, mobile app users find swiping easy and fun, as compared to tapping on the smartphone screen. Thus, as per the app design trend prevailing in 2021, it is imperative to add an interactive swipping experience to the application. Users find it more interesting, engaging and playing like feeling while accessing the app through swipping functionality.

    3. Adding Motions & Animation More

    96% of the app users prefer to watch an explanation video to learn more about a brand’s product/service. Thus, video content and animated graphics matter a lot

    4. Bring More Shadows & Layering

    Graphics play a real game on the app to bring some kind of reality to the eyes of app users. One way of pushing out graphics more to the screen is by adding the virtues of layering and shadows. This kind of trend bring life to the app and allows users to stick to it.

    Mobile app designers can add strong shadows to photos, graphics, and other design elements to make it a quick shortcut for a visually appealing app. They add more layers to the app’s graphics with parts overlapping and create a kind of design hierarchy.

    5. Conversational Like Design

    When we say implementing conversational style design element to the mobile app, it is more in the sense of adding Chatbot style. It is because of the fact that the revenue from Chatbot will see a tremendous increase from $83.4 million in 2021 to $454.8 million in 2027. It reveals the fact that app users are much inclined towards chatbot style communication screens and indulge more with the app itself.

    6. Add More Serif Fonts

    When it comes to following the font design trends for your mobile app, the best recommended is to take up the Serif fonts. This type of font ideally visualizes the text in the most attractive manner. Using this font allows you to see letters stand out so clearly to capture the attention at a first glance. Also, the appeared text seems easy to remember for a long.

    7. Bring Futuristic Colours to App

    Another mobile app trend to follow is adding futuristic colours. Of course, you have neutral shades on the app pages. Still, there is a bright scope to add futuristic colours on specific parts of the application to bring more attention to users. It also means to stand out futuristic colour parts of app different from the neutral ones.

    8. Add a Few of Transparent Elements

    Adding transparent design elements into the mobile app brings more in-depth detailing to the eyes of users. Smartphone users better interact with the design and understand the content on different slides. Moreover, transparent design mixed with futuristic colours adds a further blend of the attractive element to the eyes of users.

    9. Design Rounded Shapes

    Shapes are another attractive element of trendy designs that come under end-to-end UI / UX Design Services. App developers can apply distinctive shapes to the interface to bring a stylish approach to the eyes of onlookers.

    10. Make the Best Use of Dark Mode

    The dark mode on the mobile app is trending these days, giving much attention to app usage. It’s completely opposite to the normal or white mode. The dark mode is all about white text and dark background on the interface.

    Final Words

    The above-mentioned are result-oriented mobile app UI/UX design trends that can best define your application. It’s no longer a complicated task to design creative elements of the app according to the latest trends. Simply follow the same after getting the real-time assistance of a reliable mobile app development company in India. For this, rely on the expert level mobile app design and development services of MobiIndia.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the Essential Elements of a Mobile App Design?

    A mobile app is designed accordingly for users to easily navigate all through different pages to solve the required purpose. Thus, there are five essential design features that are must-have in a mobile app.

    * Navigation Menu

    * Fast Loading Time

    * Intuitive UI/UX

    * Visually Appealing Landing Screen

    * Robust Security

    2. How Much Does it Cost to Design a Mobile App?

    The cost of designing a mobile depends on the requirements related to customized design, range of creative elements, and distinctive UI / UX Design Services. It all depends on your business needs as to what type of app you want to create.

    3. Is Creating an App Expensive?

    No, creating a mobile app is not expensive, if it fits within your budget. Since every enterprise has a certain budget to create a result-oriented mobile app, a leading app development company like us work accordingly to offer profitable solutions.

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