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    Why Android Platform is Best for Mobile App Development?

    Mobile apps play a crucial role in popularizing a business. Many brands are reaching their potential audience with the help of apps only. Several platforms are available to build an app. But Android is the most preferred platform because it hosts plenty of remarkable features. It is an open-source platform with a huge user base and offers an innovative Mobile App Development Company process.

    Android is an open-source offering developer an advantage of availing free licensing and royalty benefits. The SDK architecture integrated is also open-source, which is easy to implement for app development. This makes it a popular platform and offers better opportunities for developers to earn more.

    Brands are leveraging it to develop interactive, smooth and flawless mobile apps that provide the customer with a sense of satisfaction and increase brand value. So we can say that when it is about the app development Android cannot be ignored. This blog explains the benefits of this platform.

    Economical:- Android is economical in comparison to other platforms for building mobile applications. Brands looking to invest less in app development but want a quality result, then Android is the top platform to go for. There are a variety of development tools available to create quality apps at competitive prices.

    Developers are offered free Software Development Kit (SDK) which minimizes the whole development and licensing costs. Development costs include three phases:

    Phase 1. Application development
    Phase 2. Software testing
    Phase 3. Hardware testing cost and deploying the app

    Easy for Social Media Integration:-It is quite beneficial for brands that social media integration is easy with Android. In fact, people are very excited about social media channels. Nowadays every brand, no matter big or small, enjoys being popular on social media. The social network has become a vital part of the modern industry. Companies with minimum efforts can easily target their audience and enhance the user experience without increasing budget.

    In addition, Android apps have the benefit of being integrated in an easy way. They include all the major social media channels, which can help a brand in raising its online presence. Due to such a strong feature, brands avail Android Application Development Services to get a powerful app build for their business.

    Highly Secure:– The Android platform is one of the most secure platform based on the Linux kernel. It offers a secure and robust environment for developing a mobile application based on multiple business needs. This platform is flawless and offers a hassle-free environment for building the best app for a competitive market.

    For brands to stay ahead of competitors, they look for an app development platform whose app doesn’t face any security concerns, get crashed while using and Android is the best one to deliver a secure mobile app. Regular updates are released to boost security standards. Multiple security features are offered like:

    1. Password Protection
    2. Device Administration
    3. Filesystem Encryption
    4. System Partition and Safe Mode

    Fast Development:-  For a brand, it is vital to reach the target audience as fast as possible. This is possible with the help of a mobile application. To get an app developed with proper integration of required features, brands are hiring Android App Development Company in India. Professional developers are experienced enough to build a mobile app in very less time and thus a business can get into the market. Also if any customization is needed with changing needs, it can be done quickly and easily.

    Multiple Network Distribution:-  Android platform offers a wide range of opportunities to launch an application. You just don’t have to stick to a single marketplace for your mobile app like Google Play Store. Your target audience can find your app from a wide collection of marketplaces like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

    You can create your sales and distribution channel for the potential audience. In short, numerous options are available to reach target customers and enhance an app market presence by following different marketing strategy. This increases brand ROI and sales as they can distribute the app from numerous channels.

    Conclusion:-  A mobile apps success depends a lot on the platform it is developed. Now you are aware of the benefits of the Android platform for your brand, the next step is to hire Android App Development Company having the right skills and knowledge. Mobi India offers a complete range of development services and has a vast experience in the same domain as well.

    Our experienced developers are capable of creating the latest apps to take your brand to a new level. Share your desired requirements with us to and we will provide you a perfect solution.

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