• Android App Development Trends of 2019

    What are the Latest Android App Development Trends of 2019?

    Mobile apps have made a remarkable impact in recent years as no brand can achieve success unless it has a mobile world presence. The brands have to get an app developed to reach the potential customers to offer them the product or service they are looking for.

    Therefore, they have to choose a Mobile Application Development Company in India that would understand all their requirements and develop an interactive application. The most preferred platform to build an app is Android and it holds a maximum share of the app market. Having so much popularity, Android development is going through a series of changes, it is the time to check the latest trends.

    1. Virtual Reality (VR)

    Virtual reality apps are built-in large number by the Android App Developers. Conventional apps are losing their relevance and will soon get disappear. This is a major fact to consider for app development firms. Apps are moving out of the mobile screens to the virtual world. VR apps go beyond typical usage.

    Mobile gaming apps are getting innovative by integrating VR technology. Developers are making full use of this late st technology. The recent explosion of this technology is just the beginning and developers need to meet the needs of this technology.

    2. BlockChain

    Mobile gadgets are the primary devices to perform all sort of digital transactions. Users will soon be able to utilize a number of various apps that don’t require any credit card details for the transaction. This is all possible with the latest trend that is Blockchain Technology.

    Soon, these apps will be in trend and Android Mobile Application Development Company is employing it to make interactive payment apps. Blockchain works as a record keeper of all the transactions and ensures all data remains secure. App developers must take this latest trend into consideration, as it is the future of transaction industry.

    3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    AI is one of the hottest trends for Android App Development Company to integrate. Machine learning is changing the whole concept of the user interface. Apps having AI are offering personalization and enhanced search experience to the end-users. The device can process commands in a more better manner and this is a great opportunity for various brands.

    AI has made significant changes:

    • Chatbots: It is a great application that boosts user personalization. This app helps to make a direct interaction between the businesses and their potential customers. 24/7 support service is offered with a chatbot for customer satisfaction. Multiple customers can be connected simultaneously with the app.
    • Search Experience: Integrating AI helps in searching a product via images and voice. App developers are adding image recognition and voice recognition features to the apps.

    4. Cloud Storage

    Cloud storage is quite new for Android app developers but in reality, it is constantly changing from the last few years. Cloud technology apps offer mobile users freedom to store huge files, videos and high-resolution graphics over the cloud that was earlier taking a lot of device space. This is the trend that is continuously rising and attracting mobile users. But some important facts need to be considered, for developers:

    • Mobile users will not entertain any cloud-based app that is taking too much storage area on their device.
    • Apps will become trustworthy if they take a limited amount of space on the device.
    • If the storage features cannot be operated straight from the cloud, users are going to uninstall the app.

    5. In-App Search Feature

    Mobile apps have become a part of our daily lives. These apps must provide quality features under different circumstances. In other words, the app should perform like a typical website. People are browsing mobile apps, for that in-app search feature need to be integrated.

    If a user is unable to search on an app in the same manner that they do on a website, this is an important sign that the Android App Development Company need to make some changes in their development strategy. YouTube and Spotify apps are the best example of In-App search feature. Users require simple search functionality to use.


    Now that you understand the advantages of these development trends, choosing an Android app for your brand is the best way to reach the target audience. If you are looking for Best Mobile App Developers in India,  Mobi India offers the same services and has a good experience as well. Our developers are capable of building on-demand apps for the Android platform. Connect with us to get the best android app for your business success.

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