• Everything Businesses Need To Know About Android App Bundle

    Everything Businesses Need To Know About Android App Bundle

    Android App Bundle has become the gold standard for publishing applications on Google Play, and in this blog, we shall discuss the various aspects of this new official publishing format. Developers worldwide faced challenges while creating APKs for different API versions, device types, and more. With the Android app bundle, all these issues get resolved on Google Play.

    Developers can now use Dynamic Delivery to create optimized APKs that cater to all the android app development service requirements of a user’s device and delivers it at the runtime for installation. It happens through the Android app bundle app distribution format. So, let’s dig into this new official publishing format.

    What is Android App Bundle?

    Android app bundle is a new official publishing format that offers highly efficient ways to build and launch the app. It also allows users to deliver a great user experience in a small-sized app, improving installation success and decreasing uninstallation rates too.

    Android App Bundle is Google’s preferred method to develop, publish, and distribute applications across various device configurations. Reports claim that over 600,000 apps and games are currently developed via app bundle, which accounts for more than 40% of all releases on Google Play, including Netflix.

    What are the benefits of using Google’s Android App Bundle

    What are the benefits of using Google’s Android App Bundle?

    Android app bundle is the most recent style used for android distribution. Launched in 2018 by Google, this new official publishing format for Android offers directories that are referred to as AAB and its extension as “.abb.”

    Some of the amazing benefits of Google’s Android App Bundle include:

    Size reduction  

    One of the major challenges in the Android package manager was its inability to make compact apps or reduce the app size. With the commencement of Android App Bundles, smaller-sized apps were being developed. It further helped with restricting the codes and resources required by the user according to their phone’s configuration. On average, developers reported a 20% size saving with the android app bundle than the APK.

    Increased app installation  

    App size becomes a deciding factor in the number of downloads. If your app is bigger for the task in comparison to your competitors, the uninstallation of that app becomes inevitable. The major factor behind such user behavior is that devices have a limited storage capacity, and any bogus apps can hinder the device’s functionality.

    As a ripple effect of size saving, the app’s installation numbers increase. If the apps developed are smaller, the updates will also get smaller. Therefore, it increases the chances of installing an updated app with fewer uninstallations.

    Higher efficiency  

    Android app development services enable developers to develop apps that include all the app codes, libraries, and resources. It nullifies the development of apps for every device out there. Google Play will automatically do it for us. Also, the app efficiency greatly increases using AAB.

    Quick downloads  

    With the help of the Android App Bundle, your app will get tailored by Google for every device out there. It will restrict the download of extra code and unnecessary resources. In return, it will offer faster downloads to save time and resources.

    Enhanced engineering velocity  

    Another great advantage of the Android App Bundle is that it increases the speed of app creation. With multiple features provided for building dynamic and independent modules to design, test, and launch, it enables great developing speed for the android developer.

    Reduced manual effort  

    Android App Bundles automate tasks, from linking APIs to integrating updates and adding resources – such activities can get automated using App bundles. For instance, once the development gets done, its link is uploaded and shared on a Slack channel automatically for the convenience of the users.

    Dynamic delivery

    Android App Bundle is used by giant enterprises including Netflix. It says a lot about its quality and easy rendering. This new publishing style makes it easier to build a highly-scalable Android app. It allows users to add new features to their applications like AR/VR, provide location-based suggestions, improve device-based delivery, and other app solutions.

    Improves app performance metrics

    Android app development services help businesses engage more with their customers via the app and allow the developers to improve the software’s growth. Also, it makes it easier for enterprises to improve their app performance and stay abreast with the modern-day custom android app development service standards while enhancing the app performance metrics.

    Increased app development speed

    Android app bundles ease the way developers build applications. Speedy development reduces development costs and assures the business of faster turnaround time when launched in the market.

    Instant application development

    Instant mobile application development allows users to ensure quick turnaround time. The Android app bundle makes it easier for developers to build applications swiftly without worrying about the complexities found while publishing them. Also, customized downloads improve the experience based on the user’s device. UI testing, publishing, and Android App Bundles offer great means to develop any app instantly.

    How to build and deploy Android App bundles

    How to build and deploy Android App bundles?

    App bundles, instead of APKs help publish a format that includes all types of app codes. As a result, developers cannot deploy it directly to any device. Creating a project as a signed app bundle is as easy as a few clicks on Android Studio.

    Here are the steps involved in creating app bundles:

    • Step 1: Start by downloading Android Studio 3.2 or later. It is the easiest way to create an app bundle.
    • Step 2: App Play Feature Delivery support by adding a base module, organizing code, and resources for configuration APKs. You can also add feature modules optionally.
    • Step 3: Start creating an Android App Bundle by hiring the best android app development company that offers custom Android App Development services. Also, you can deploy the app from the app bundle to a connected device by changing your debug/run configuration. Then after, select the “deploy APK from app bundle” option.
    • Step 4: The final step is to test and publish your app bundle for smooth functioning.

    How to test an App Bundle?

    Once you’re finished with building the Android App Bundle, test how Google Play will use it to generate APKs, and how these APKs will behave when deployed to any user’s device. Here are the following methods you can practice:

    The bundle tool help with testing your app bundle locally. It helps create APKs from your app bundle and distribute them to any connected device.

    Send a link to your app, which is the quickest method of uploading your app bundle and sharing your app with the testers as a Google Play Store link.

    Initiate a test that is open, closed, or internal. It is another way to experiment with custom delivery options like downloading app features on demand, and more.


    So far, we have discussed all the aspects of Android App Bundles, benefits, deployment, and testing procedures. If you are new to android app development services and looking for expert assistance from a trusted android app development company we are here to help. Our team specializes in delivering robust, scalable, and efficient mobile app solutions tailored to your

    Connect with our experts to know more.


    What is the difference between App Bundle and APK?

    App bundles help publish but cannot get installed on Android devices. On the other hand, Android Package is installable and executable for apps. App bundles must get processed by a distributor into APKs to get installed on devices.

    Which is better Android App Bundle or APK?

    App Bundles benefit from simple add-on module loading and enhanced support for large assets like gaming content. Google states that App Bundles help in a 15% reduction in download size, compared to the same app distributed as an APK.

    What does APK stand for?

    An APK (Android Package Kit) is a file format for applications used on the Android operating system. APK files can get compiled with Android Studio, which is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for building Android software. An APK file includes all the software program’s codes and assets too.

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