• Android 10 Vs Android 9

    Which is a Better Mobile OS: Android 10 Vs Android 9

    Since WWDC 2019 the day Google announced the release of Android 10, both users and app developers were keen to know the major features integrated. They have discussed every point whether it is around Android Q name, possible features, and betas installation.

    And now, when the Android 10 is available for installation, the major point of discussion for Android app development company is whether Android 10 is the biggest ever release from Google or not. They have started discussing, Android 10 vs Android 9: Which is a better OS?

    So, in this blog, let’s compare the two recent Android OS versions. But before that, let’s talk about the new features in Android 10.

    Features of Android 10

    1. Pixel Presence

    Initially, the Smart Lock was present in the Pixel phones. And with the Android 10 launch, this feature will be present for all Android devices, with the availability of ‘Pixel Presence.’ Smart Lock offers a smooth and quick unlocking of the mobile device in different scenarios.
    • When present in a trusted location.
    • When contact with the user’s body.
    • Identify a Bluetooth device.
    • Identify the user’s face and voice.

    2. Dark Theme

    This is the most awaited feature for the Mobile app development industry. There’s a Dark Theme present in Android 10, having all menus, fonts, notification panels, & buttons, with a dark background. It makes the UI design quite smooth for the eyes. In addition to that, other significant features are:
    • Low power consumption.
    • Low vision users enjoy the dark theme.
    • Easy to access in a low-light environment.

    3. Facial Recognition

    To enhance security, Android 10 is integrated with the facial recognition feature. This amazing feature is inherited from Apple iOS, it allows the users to unlock their devices, make payments and approve Google Pay transactions.

    Now, after a quick recap of Android 10 top-rated features, let’s discuss the major differences between Android 10 & Android 9 on multiple parameters.

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    Major Differences Android 10 Vs Android 9

    1. UI Designs & Themes

    When it is about the design and themes, Android Pie proved to be a game-changer for the mobile app industry. The updated Android OS added colors, made the icons appear more curvy with an aesthetic feel.
    This ‘look and feel’ has been taken to another level with the Android 10 release. The UX offered in Android 10 is a completely new package which was never been before. The new version has introduced dark mode and a wide collection of themes. These themes help users to customize the font size, style, and icon on their gadget and recreate their experience.

    2. Notifications

    When making Android 10 vs Android 9 comparison on the basis of notifications, the two major differences seen are:-
    • App notifications now appear in the bubble chat heads. This circular notification float across the screen allowing users to perform other tasks while attending these notifications, similar to Facebook Messenger.
    • In addition, notifications can be set to Silent or on the Alerting mode, as per the urgency.

    3. Connectivity Options

    When talking about Android 10 vs Android 9 OS differences in terms of the connectivity, both the versions have satisfied the users.

    Android 9, brought the functionality of connecting with 5 different gadgets and easily switch between them in real-time, Android 10 has eased the method of sharing WiFi password. It has also provided a shortcut to access the network settings.

    4. Digital WellBeing

    Digital WellBeing, one of the top Android 9 features allowing users to know the most amount of time spent on a specific app. This is a great approach to curb the phone addiction and has also received an upgrade in Android 10.

    The latest version has come up with a new feature named ‘Focus Mode’ under the Digital Wellbeing allowing users to choose a set of apps that distracts them and stop them for a specific time. Meaning, no notification will be received and the app can’t be accessed in that duration. Something that has proven to be a huge benefit of Android 10 over 9.

    5. Privacy & Security

    With complete focus on security, Android 10 is released with the latest features & privacy options. Brands hire Mobile app developers to ensure the app is safe & secure for the end-users.

    Let’s discuss the major security updates in Android 10:

    • Users have better features in terms of location-access permission.
    • No app can access your media files and contact details without permission.
    • Android apps running in the background would have to get permission to access data.
    • Access to WiFi, & Bluetooth is not possible without the users’ permission.
    • Significant changes were done to Biometric API to enable apps to use the functionality of fingerprint and facial recognition.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is the difference between Android 10 and 9?

    There are several differences between Android 10 and 9, including:-
    • Integration of Dark Mode in Android 10.
    • Android Beam is missing in Android 10.
    • Android 10 has come up with support foldable devices and a 5G network.
    • Android 10 offers a smart reply and suggestion.

    Q. Which is better OS Android 9 or 10?

    This answer completely depends on what factors you are focusing upon. The mobile app you are developing and depending on its requirements a better result of Android 10 and Android 9 comparison can be derived.

    Q. What’s new for developers in Android 10?

    Android 10 has brought several new features for Android app developers, a few of which are:-
    • Support for Foldable phones and 5G networks.
    • Presence of Freeform window and better AI-based options.
    • Redesigned App Store and related features.
    • Better Connectivity options, with ‘Adaptive WiFi’.

    Wrapping Up

    It is tough to say who is the clear winner between Android 10 & Android 9 as both have pros as well as cons. Selecting an OS for mobile app development depends on the requirements and features of the business. However, it is suggested to use and update to the latest OS for advanced security & functionality. Most of the features are released for the latest version.

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