• A Short Guide On Mobile App Development In 2022

    Developing a mobile app has become more than just a trend. You need to become more competitive in the marketplace and offer better services to customers. No matter, wherever you see, you find apps of numerous brands, stores, and industries. Mobile app development has become an unavoidable realm for companies to stay high on success and relevance. And enterprises must know how to create a result-oriented app from the right development partner.

    Concerning the same, we have prepared this short yet relevant mobile app development guide to let you better understand the insights. Here, the major focus is on understanding the importance of developing an app, mistakes to avoid, how to earn money, types of apps, and how Mobi India helps you. The remaining touch points regarding the best platform, technology, and other insights of app development are better to discuss with a Mobi India expert.

    So, without any further ado, let’s get started on the same.

    Why building a mobile app is important for you

    Why building a mobile app is important for you?

    As already mentioned earlier, the mobile app has become a necessary part of digital business and meets customer requirements at large. As a business owner, you cannot afford to lose the benefits of developing an app.

    1. Provide value to customers: The business landscape has changed significantly over the past few years. Digitization is the key trend among enterprises to stay relevant and expand. Even customers like to experience shopping and booking services digitally to meet their expectations. As a result, building an app is imperative to meet requirements and thereby give more value to your customers. The key example is the growing proliferation of eCommerce app that allows customers to shop a variety of product seamlessly.
    2. Create a strong brand presence:By working on the above point, the more value you provide to the customers and the better return you can expect to receive. In short, customers show more interest in your brand’s mobile app to shop seamlessly. An application incurs the brand element to get recognized extensively, market digitally, and create a popular presence around.
    3. Increase engagement level:Nothing feels more important for your enterprise than increasing the overall ROI. Increasing revenue is directly proportional to enriched customer engagement towards your brand. Thus, mobile application offers you the flexibility to reach wide across the target segment, increase customer base, stay relevant, and improve engagement. In addition, you can add specific features to capture users’ attention like improved UI/UX design, customer segmentation, product filters, etc., to increase engagement.
    4. Stay competitive in your niche: A business application for customers and other enterprises certainly has an edge over traditional websites. It’s pretty simple to reach beyond the extensive boundaries, target more customers, offer better service, and enable fast communication. All these aspects will enable your organization to stay ahead of the competition. Ultimately, it helps to carve out a specific niche of your business and enrich the overall customer experience. 

    Know the different types of mobile apps

    Know the different types of mobile apps

    There is not one but different types of mobile apps to develop and cater to a distinctive range of target markets. In reality, it depends on your enterprise requirements, budget, and capacity to reach the respective market segment.

    1. Native Apps: Native app development focuses on building a specific application for Android or iOS platforms. It depends on the target customer base required to develop a particular platform app and meet business objectives.
    2. Cross-Platform Apps: Native apps are separate applications for Android and iOS platforms. On the other side, cross-platform app development is about developing one app for both platforms. A single codebase is used by mobile app developers to create Android and iOS apps at a low cost and within a minimal time frame.
    3. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):Completely different from the native and cross-platform app is the progressive web app (PWA). It is one of the best mobile app development solutions to create an application for the web. Users can access this type of app on any browser and experience the same mobile app user feel.

    Mistakes to avoid while developing a mobile app

    Mistakes to avoid while developing a mobile app 

    There is no such guarantee that the mobile app you develop for the business will perform as per the requirement. It might fail to meet your desired objectives in case you do the below-mentioned mistakes.

    • Not targeting specific customers: In case, your mobile app does not reach the target set of customers, then there is less chance of downloading the app. Therefore, it has of utmost importance to know your customers and then target the app accordingly.
    • Unable to focus on UI: Another common mistake that results in mobile app revenue loss is not paying attention to UI design. A poor user interface not only keeps the users away from the app but further forces them to uninstall the same. Thus, pay special attention to UI/UX design while connecting with a creative expert.
    • Lack of monetization factor: Developing an app might not be the purpose of offering free service of assistance. You need to have a monetization strategy attached to your mobile application. The absence of a monetization strategy poses a huge revenue loss to the company.

    How to turn the mobile app into a monetary model?

    There are various ways to monetize your application.

    • Advertising
    • Do affiliate marketing
    • Subscription model
    • Lead generation
    • Freemium
    • Transaction fees

    Will cover the above mobile app monetization models separately to get a better gist of the same.

    How does Mobi India help in your mobile app development journey

    How does Mobi India help in your mobile app development journey?

    From the above discussion, you might get some sort of clarity on mobile app development, which is certainly not that simple. You need to have an expert app development partner to understand your requirement, develop a strategy, and a feature-rich app.

    Mobi India is one leading app development company that you can rely upon. With having an extensive portfolio of numerous mobile apps for distinctive industries, rely on its expertise. Developers at this company follow agile methodology while developing a success-oriented, interactive, user-friendly, and revenue-increasing mobile app.

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