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    7 Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Mobile App

    Almost everybody you know in the commercial space is developing a mobile. Aren’t they? From an independent florist to multinational tech giants, all are increasingly relying on apps. That makes app stores inexplicably crowded places. And it’s not just that. Many organizations and companies and multiple apps for different things. So, it’s difficult for your app to stand out and attract the target audience. That’s why mobile app marketing is so important.

    Developing an outstanding app is much easier than letting the world know how amazing your app is. Choose the suitable app development services, and you’re ready to get an app. But mobile app marketing is not easy. However, it’s not rocket science either. We have talked to digital market experts and found out the 7 most effective strategies. Keep scrolling for making the app stand out in app stores.

    1. Know Your Audience 

    Nothing works better for your works than knowing the people for whom you built it in the first place. Almost every digital marketing expert would suggest you extensively research the target audience before launching the app. Even if you have already launched the app, doing thorough audience research significantly helps your marketing campaign. Know deeply about the people you want to target. If the app’s features – and the marketing strategy – are built around their needs, your app is going to get the desired users.

    2. Create an Immersive Landing Page

    The landing page is where a potential user gets the first impression. Make it as attractive as possible – both in terms of design and content. The more engaging your landing page is higher the chances of people installing the app. It should extremely user-friendly and have an easily understandable overview of the app. It should also provide information that your target audiences are looking for. The landing is the welcoming gateway to your app, whether it’s Android app development or app design. So, create your best efforts.

    3. Spread the Word on Social Media 

    Social media marketing has worked impressively for businesses launching a new app. A growing number of people are using social media. And most of them are spending a significant amount of time on various social media platforms. The social media marketing strategy, therefore, is based on the concept of “reaching out to people where they are.” Social media campaigns – both paid and organic – bring considerable ROI when it comes to app marketing. You could post a series of snippets containing your app’s key features and design elements. Include a call-to-action in every social media post. It could be a link to the landing page of your app or your website.

    4. Use Machine Learning in Marketing 

    Most of us know that machine learning can go much deeper than any other analytics technique. Machine learning is now one of the most effective emerging techs in digital marketing. With the help of ML, you can unlock user behavior like never before. It gives you insights into users’ likes and dislikes. You can use these crucial data to make your app more engaging and user-oriented. There are multiple advantages of using machine learning, be it iOS app development or mobile app customization. It makes your data mining process easier and efficient. ML also makes it easier for customers to drive value from your products and services. Machine learning lets to personalize the app experience using insights.

    5. Ensure the Right App Onboarding

    Once an audience is convinced by your marketing or the landing page, they might install the app. Then comes the next most crucial step: the app onboarding experience. Creating a smooth and engaging onboarding experience is critical to the success of your app. If you fail to do that, people might just never use the app. Worse yet, they might uninstall it immediately. With the right onboarding strategy, you can dramatically increase engagement and the number of downloads.

    For instance, you could create a demo or tutorial video about “how to use the app.” Such measures help you to retain and increase app users. Multiple surveys have suggested that mobile apps with an engaging onboarding experience have a significantly low user abandonment rate.

    6. App Store Optimization

    Hundreds of millions of app downloads, app store optimization are key to the success of your app. You must have an ASO strategy in order to enhance visibility and downloads. Create backlinks for improving your app’s rank in the store. Coming SEO with ASO substantially improves the effectiveness of your marketing. Write titles and subtitles according to SEO needs. Use all the relevant keywords in the app’s description and other areas of content.

    7. Use Native Advertising

    Native advertising is kind of insidious in nature. The audience wouldn’t understand that they’re seeing a native add until they are deep into it. This is mainly due to the unique format and content strategy used by native ads. Leading companies and organizations are increasingly using native ads mainly due to its unique nature and effectiveness. These formats of advertising may look like comparatively more expensive. But when you consider the ROI, it’s worth using.


    Creativity, innovation, and technology remain central to an effective digital marketing strategy. That’s even truer when it comes to mobile app marketing. It’s a constantly evolved area of marketing. What worked yesterday might just not work today. You need to stay alert about all the trends and shifting consumer behavior. The strategies we just discussed worked amazingly well for hundreds of businesses. And these too would evolve with time. At Mobi India, a mobile app development company, we keep track of all the changes happening in the mobile app world. We have dedicated teams for design, development, and marketing your apps. With us, you don’t have anything about your app – from the design plan to the marketing strategy.


    Q. What is mobile app marketing?

    Mobile app marketing is about promoting your app to increase the number of downloads and user engagement. It includes interacting with your users through the app’s entire lifecycle — from when they first hear about your app, to when they become a loyal and regular user. Successful mobile app marketing needs a strategic approach.

    Q. How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

    The costs of developing a mobile app depend on several factors. Design complexity, development time, type of features, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. Mobi India delivers design-rich apps at a competitive price.

    Q. How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

    There’s no predefined time for developing a mobile app. It varies widely depending on the features of the app and its design. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult development experts. Mobi India designs and develops feature-rich iOS and Android apps in short development time.

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