• Tips To Elevate The User Experience Of Your Mobile App

    6 Tips To Elevate The User Experience Of Your Mobile App

    Defining the metrics for the success of a mobile application is a tricky job. Two apps with similar features and interfaces may differ considerably in terms of their ability to fetch users. The challenge is to identify a single parameter that can pull in the users and retain them for the app. Here, the user experience that it offers emerges as a vital aspect which has a critical impact on the app’s ability to engage the users.

    UX is regarded as a vital designing tool that makes navigation easy and user-friendly. Additionally, it helps in creating brand awareness. Hence, it becomes a driving factor for mobile app development. The challenge for developers is to build the user experiences that are able to engage the users and even give the app a precedence over its competition. Here are some effective ways in which they can elevate the app’s UX and make it more powerful.

    1. Simplifying the app’s navigation
    The secret to creating an amazing UX is to make the app’s navigation simple and effortless. A fast and easy navigation increases the level of user satisfaction. The primary criteria to serve intuitiveness so that the user knows what exactly is to be done next at every stage of the app’s usage. The information may be shared explicitly or may be given by using features such as arrows, animations, and call to action.

    2. Understanding the target audience
    An app’s UX should ideally be designed to cater to the needs and expectations of the target audience. So when you hire mobile app developers to build a business app, explain your customer persona to them so that they can build an experience to match. Similarly, user reviews and feedbacks from other apps from the same category can be analyzed to get a fair idea about the expectations of the audience.

    3. Easing the sign-up process
    Sign-up is the most critical phase for app marketing because even the smallest glitch can result in the loss of potential customers. Typically, the first-time user is asked to share their phone number, e-mail id and a password to onboard. However, making the registration process too long and cumbersome can drive the users away for good. The best approach is to follow the least-effort principle so that the user need not expend too much time and energy right from the first interaction.

    4. Complementing the battery life
    Another useful tip for crafting excellence into user experiences is by ensuring that they complement the battery life. No one wants an application that is resource-hungry and drains out the phone battery. The users are likely to abandon the ones that exhaust the battery life of the device. Therefore, developers need to focus on creating lightweight apps that do not drain the device battery, data, and memory.

    5. Matching the industry standards
    The App Store is a competitive space where there are a number of apps offering similar experiences to the users. This makes it essential to keep an eye on the industry and see all that the rival apps have to offer. The application for one’s business should have a comparable UX to offer and should also adhere to the highest quality standards.

    6. Optimizing the loading speed
    Another parameter that has a profound impact on the UX is its performance. Slow loading not only hampers the experience but sometimes even forces the user to abandon the application. The developer’s focus, therefore, should be on optimizing the loading speed, specifically for the elements like videos and animations.

    Following these tips can make all the difference to the UX of your app. Whether you are investing in Android or iPhone app development, you should ensure that your developer team gives extra attention to this aspect. The best approach is to partner with a team that crafts rich experiences rather than only makes impressive app solutions. Mobiindia is a reputed mobile application development company that caters high-tech mobile applications for different platforms and diverse industries.

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