• Characteristics That Make Your Mobile App A True Winner

    6 Characteristics That Make Your Mobile App A True Winner

    As the mobile application space is growing with every passing day, there is a need to stand apart to gain traction in the market. The key to success lies with the kind of UI and UX your business application offers. User interface and user experience go hand in hand because the latter depends upon the former. Undoubtedly, the significance of UI is greater as it determines the kind of user experience the app delivers. Together, both form the mainstay of the success strategy of a mobile application.

    But you have to be more far-sighted to justify the amount of money you have spent on mobile app development services. For this, it is important to think beyond UI and UX and look for other factors that influence the quality of the application that is going to be a branding tool for your business. Here are 6 characteristics that can make your mobile app a true winner:

    1. Simplicity makes it stand apart

    To begin with, the app needs to be simple, without redundant features and buttons as they tend to repel the users. It should have just the ones that are relevant to the basic purpose of the application. The useless ones are not only annoying for the users but also slow down the app’s speed.

    2. Intuitiveness matters too

    An intuitive, self-explanatory interface is a big plus for the application. Whether you are engaging a mobile app development company in India or abroad, you must ensure that they build one that is easy to use, even for novice users. The pages and commands should follow a pattern that users can easily comprehend. Similarly, the content and icons should have clear meanings so that they can be interpreted with ease.

    3. It should be compact

    A successful mobile application is compact, both in terms of the storage space it occupies and the device battery it consumes. The ones which are resource-intensive are least preferred by the users who want to save up on space and battery of their devices.

    4. Fast is popular

    Speed is another characteristic that decides how well an app measures on the popularity index. Ideally, an app should load in 10 seconds and anything over 15-20 seconds tends to drive away users. Apps that test their patience need to be well aware that there are plenty of options out there for the users to explore.

    5. Offline functionality is a plus

    Whether you are availing Android orĀ iphone app development services, offline functionality is one feature you should stress on. It ensures that your app will be accessible even in the offline mode. Users love such apps because they can use them without interruption. Also, they need not expend their mobile data while using them.

    6. Security is essential

    While performance and UI/UX features hold their supremacy, security is an equally essential feature for a mobile application. It is all the more important for e-commerce and health sectors, where apps store confidential financial details and patient health records respectively.

    Finally, it is crucial to strike an equilibrium amongst all these features, because surprisingly, some of them conflict with each other to some extent. For instance, functionality may be compromised to make them compact, which can impact the value of the apps. On the other hand, making them feature-heavy can slow down the speed. The developers, thus, have to look for a middle path.

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