• Mobile App Development Trends That 2018 Holds in Store

    10 Mobile App Development Trends That 2018 Holds in Store

    The mobile app space has picked pace in the past decade as businesses from almost every industry and of all sizes are embracing apps to maximize their reach. The past few years have been super-hot in particular, with new technologies making inroads and revolutionizing app development like never before. 2018 promises to be no different as developers can look up to bring the most amazing smart apps this year. There are some big changes lined up as futuristic technologies will be the flavor of the year. Let’s check the trends that the year holds in store for mobile app enthusiasts:

    1. The IoT technology will grow bigger
    Like the last year, the IoT trend will be hot, even hotter in 2018. In fact, as the craze of connected devices is expected to grow, most businesses will demand IoT-based smart apps that make them stand apart and deliver exceptional user experiences as well.

    2. Hybrid technologies will make to the forefront
    Most businesses would prefer to invest in hybrid app development as these apps ensure that multiple platforms and devices are covered with a single product. Developers will thus need to polish their skills on hybrid platforms such as Cordova, React JS, Xamarin, Ionic, and PhoneGap.

    3. More apps will have the flavor of AR and VR
    The technologies of AR and VR will no longer be confined to the gaming industry but will become mainstream for domains such as e-commerce, manufacturing, and healthcare. A majority of mobile app development services in India are already specializing in these technologies.

    4. AI will hold its supremacy this year too
    After dominating the app scenario for the past few years, AI will retain its position in 2018 too. The popularity of Apple Siri and Google Assistant speaks volumes about the boom that can be expected in this technology in the coming time.

    5. Location-based apps will be trending
    Location-based technologies will become essential for mobile applications. With this feature, the real-time information about the user can be procured and used for personalized marketing. Smart sensors and beacons will be used to merge the boundary between the physical and the virtual.

    6. Enterprises will be app-ready
    Although the trend of enterprise mobility has stepped up in the past few years, 2018 is expected to make its adoption widespread. The majority of enterprises will be keen on investing in customized mobile applications to bridge the gap between employees, partners, and customers.

    7. Chatbots will become all pervasive
    2018 will be the year of Chatbots as they will be an integral part of mobility now. Whether you are opting for e-commerce, healthcare, or banking app development, this is one feature that is no longer an option. Smart chatbots drive conversational user experiences, which make the mainstay of the success of an app.

    8. Android instant apps will be a hit
    The concept of Android instant apps that Google has introduced recently is poised to change the app development space now. These “run-as-you-need” apps enable the users to save on space and data as there is no need to download and install them; rather they can be used instantly.

    9. Security will be all the more important
    Another trend that developers will need to focus on in 2018 is that of app security. Apps will be built with stronger security as users realize the need to be cautious while sharing their personal and financial details.

    10. The Cloud will grow bigger
    As the use of multiple devices such as mobiles, laptops, and tablets become widespread, there is need to synchronize data across these devices to ensure its accessibility. The integration of Cloud technology has come up as an effective way of doing so. In 2018, developers will show an inclination towards creating cloud-based mobile apps to fulfill the data synchronization requirement.

    Every business that is planning to invest in a mobile application or already has one needs to be aware of these trends so that they can align their app accordingly. Partnering with experts is the best way they can do so. At Mobiindia, we are a leading application development partner that offers expert iPhone and Android app development services. We make sure that every mobile application we create fulfills the client’s needs and adheres to futuristic trends as well.

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